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Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn…”
  • How to work out when to buy in an area to maximise your chances of capital growth – quickly! (Page 32)  
  • The 2 simple questions to ask to work out how quickly your investment property will get rented (Page 41) 
  • 5 steps to finding a high growth hotspot…without needing a crystal ball
  • What you should never do when you’re thinking of buying an investment property (Page 11) 
  • The truth about positive cash flow investing. Why so many people nearly went bankrupt because of it – and many will again!(Page 20)
  • The 4 reasons people fail when investing in property – and how to avoid them! (Page 15)
  • 3 hidden costs of property investing that can slap you in the face like a cold wet fish if you don’t plan for them (Page 56)
  • Thinking about buying interstate? Discover the 7 fundamental factors you MUST consider before buying (And how to avoid being conned into buying something that has virtually zero chances of growth)
  • The truth about buying “at the bottom of the market” (Why it could be one of the worst financial decisions you make!) (Page 31)
  • When it’s OK to buy Off The Plan apartments and when to avoid them like the plague (Page 48) 
  • Why you should NEVER invest in an area that you like going on holidays to (Page 39)
  • Plus so much more…
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